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InSitu Foundation is a 501(c)3 dedicated to training dogs to detect cancer in humans.


Published studies have shown that dogs can detect early stage cancer with 88% specificity, and 99% sensitivity. Dogs could help provide an extremely accurate, low-cost, non-invasive, early detection screening for cancer. Early detection is our greatest cure, as of now.


  • Provide a low cost, non-invasive and accurate early cancer detection screening for the general public.
  • Publish additional research on the effectiveness of canine medical scent detection.
  • Engage and collaborate with universities, doctors, researchers and scientists for further studies and research.
  • Raise awareness of early detection of cancer through the use of canine scent detection.


InSitu Foundation has participated in 2 federally funded studies, where we looked at the diagnostic accuracy of canine scent detection in early and late stage lung, breast, and ovarian cancer.

We have successfully trained dogs to identify urine containing e.coli, the bacteria that causes a certain type of urinary tract infection, and to distinguish these samples from healthy urine samples. This will change the lives of disabled people, who often become hospitalized and even die from urinary tract infections.

Currently, we are in a collaborative breast cancer study with Duke University where we are training 3 dogs to distinguish cancer from benign tumors in human plasma samples.


Our mission is to utilize canine scent detection to provide a diagnostic screening method for the early detection of cancer in humans.